OOAK Leatherface Masks


Im focusing on OOAK (one of a kind) masks. Only one. No blanks, no duplicates. Just one of each form. But a few old masks are still available!

Whats available to ship now…

  • OOAK TCM5 full head ($600)
  • TCM2 (not OOAK) facemask ($220)
  • TCM7 PL (#3 of final 3) (not OOAK) full head ($275)

Contact me with any questions or custom requests, or if youre interested in more than one. Some items may be posted both here and on my ebay store. If you order here domestic shipping is free. International shipping will be about $50 extra. My paypal email is hidefinitionfx@gmail.com

~ Davis

*OOAKS can not be molded and cast for sale. They are for your personal collection only. If you are interested in a piece that you can remold and sell castings of (finished or unfinished) contact me.


2022 Update coming soon!

Hi there! Update coming soon, including new items, and a detailed back catalog for reference dating back to 2012!

Also, got a few things on ebay!