2023 Update

Big opportuinity, and one you wont see often! A set of 4 master masks. 4 OOAK sculpts. 4 #1 of 1’s. These sculpts are truly one of a kind, for less than a relatively mass produced silicone mask. No copies of these masks will ever be made, and you will own the ONLY one of these sculpts! These were made mostly in 2022 and consumed some months of free time. Made of latex and synthetic materials. All are full head with hair, and two have a removable scalp. Mask stands included.

Available as a set only. Buyer will also have first offer to acquire any new TCM OOAKS that may be made this year. Im thinking ill make one new new PL and TCM5 sculpt for all of 2023, which will also be one of a kind masters and completely different from these.

Set includes:

  • TCM1PL-2022-OOAK
  • TCM4-2022-OOAK (removable scalp)
  • TCM5-2022-OOAK
  • TCM9-2022-OOAK (removable scalp)
  • x4 Mask Stands
  • Free Shipping (ships from Michigan) w 3 day handling

If these need to go to ebay, the price will rise 25%.

Get them now > https://py.pl/1lqFdf

DM with any questions or to request an invoice!
Down payment option available to reserve it for a month.
Paypal preferred.
All crypto accepted.